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Thank you for all your help with our Trust Deed. Itís such a relief to speak to someone professional.
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I had debts of £57,000 costing me £986 per month. Now all I pay is £190 per month for 60 months"
Mr Wilkinson from Stafford

Trust Deeds Pros and Cons

What is a Trust Deed?
Trust Deed Pros and Cons
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Trust Deeds Pros and Cons


  • Once you have completed the term of the Trust Deed, any remaining debts are written off
  • Freezes interest and charges on your debts for the duration of the term (usually three years)
  • Trust Deeds are legally binding agreements which prevent your creditors contacting you
  • You know the exact date when you will be free from debt
  • Gets you one lower affordable monthly payment
  • Avoid the stigma and financial consequences of Bankruptcy


  • Requires commitment and will power not to get yourself further into debt - regular payments must be made on time for the full term (Usually 3 years)
  • You cannot take out further credit until your Trust Deed is complete
  • If you don’t stick to the terms of the Trust Deed you may be made Bankrupt
  • If you earn more on a regular basis you may be asked to pay extra into the Trust Deed
  • You may be asked to remortgage to release equity in your property
  • If you have an expensive vehicle, you may be asked to down grade to a cheaper model and pay any monies left over into your Trust Deed
  • Your Trust Deed will stay on your credit report for 3 years after the term has ended. This may affect your ability to obtain further credit
  • You will repay more of your debt by doing a Trust Deed than if you were to go bankrupt

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