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Bankruptcy Pros and Cons

What is Bankruptcy?
Bankruptcy Pros and Cons
Bankruptcy FAQs

Bankruptcy Pros and Cons


  • Peace of mind
  • Possible automatic discharge after one year


  • You may lose your home or assets
  • If you are an accountant or lawyer, you are forbidden to continue practising, so you will need to find a new line of work
  • Obtaining credit will be a problem. Any applications over £250 will require permission from the lender
  • You cannot act as a company director
  • You financial and personal details may be examined in court
  • You must have the permission of the court if you want to start a limited company or been involved at management level
  • You cannot trade under any other name unless you inform all persons involved with the bankruptcy
  • You may not become a member or part of the local authority
  • Your credit can be affected for up to six years after the filing of bankruptcy

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