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Saving and Investing

Avoiding debts by making investments and savings

If you are looking for ways to become free of debt faster, you should start thinking about putting some money away for a rainy day. Ask you bank about deals they may have for savings accounts. If you have internet access, you might want to look at Online Saver Accounts, these usually provide a higher rate of interest than you average over the counter savings account. This is because there is less paperwork for the bank so they can pass the saving onto you, the customer. Once you have found an account that suits you, set aside an amount you can afford each month and set up a direct debit or standing order to move the money from our wages account to your saver account. In 6 months time you will have a small nest egg which might come in handy for a rainy day. Seeing your money build up should keep you motivated to keep up the saving.

Perfect plan for high rate accounts

Try walking down the high street without being showered with repeated advertisements from offices and banks telling you how they can offer the best account deals with great interest rates. Do your research and try and find a suitable high interest rate account that suits your requirements. Most high interest accounts come with specific terms and conditions to obtain the high interest rate, i.e. You have to deposit a minimum amount each month and you have to give a certain amount of notice if you want to withdraw the money, this can be up to ninety days. Be aware that these high interest accounts are only usually offered to more disciplined customers who do not withdraw cash regularly. If you are disciplined enough not to touch any savings in three years, then some banks will give you a bonus right after the term. If you have already opened an account like this and cannot avoid from frequently withdrawing, you will then have to look for alternatives.

Looking for the right account can seem like a minefield. Make sure you do your research and find an account that best suits your requirements. If you need more help or advice on savings accounts contact us here at UK Debt Advisor free on 0800 987 5337.

Acquiring a pension plan

If you are in full time employment, you company may provide you with a pension plan after you have served a certain amount of service (usually 1 year). These pension plans usually have additional benefits and lower risks than your general high street pension. Its never to late to start a pension so if you don’t have one ask at your place of employment or search around for a deal that suits you.


If you have ever dabbled in the share market you will know you can make a lot of money if you know what you are doing. Shares though are effectively gambling, although it is considered more of a calculated risk than say betting on a horse or a football match. Never buy shares with money you rely on, only with money you will not miss. You can make a lot of money with shares but you can also lose a lot too. You should always consider shares as a long term investment. Research any company fully before buying shares with them. afew resource websites for shares are www.digitallook.com, www.lse.co.uk or www.londonstockexchange.com.